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iVMS is a technology used to track visitors in a formal way. The old fashioned version of a visitor management system is the sign-in sheet — a piece of paper usually kept on a clipboard or in a binder at the front desk.


iVMS provides business owner to start the visitor management process from the moment a visit is being planned either by the host or the visitor themselves. Host that are expecting a visit are allowed to access the scheduling portal prior to the visitor arrival to simplify the registration process in the checking counter to prevent long waiting time that degrade the visiting experience, also at the same time its help to lighten the reception staff workload dramatically. Different parts used to make up the system that depend on the unique needs of an individual site. In today’s security-focused world, taking preventative measures to keep personnel and premises safe has never been more important.


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Boost Security

Visitor Tracking

Visitor Pass

Photo Capture

Visitor Verification

Centralized Reporting

Secure Premise 



iVMS visitor management solution (VMS) guest registration a breeze. It automates the entire process of registering a guest and capturing detailed information in a few seconds. No more scribbling in the register book and worrying about security issues.

guaranteed privacy

A handwritten paper log does not respect your visitor’s privacy. It provides virtually no security and leaves guest information available for anyone to see. iVMS makes sure that anyone accessing your guest log will have no access to any other visitor’s information.

real time reporting

The real-time reporting feature enables you to request instant and relevant guest information. You can see how many people are on your premises right now, their check in & check out timings, view hourly/daily/weekly/monthly data and export the details to PDF.

cloud storage

iVMS is a cloud-based visitor management system and it doesn’t store any data locally, preventing unauthorized people from accessing it as well as preventing accidental or intentional destruction or corruption of information.

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