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Envision a safer premise and assets where a robust surveillance platform helps to protect what matters most. A new enterprise-grade, end-to-end Video Surveillance Solution, utilizing the latest technology from available, takes a complex and challenging infrastructure and makes it simple to test, validate and deploy



FWG's intuitive and intelligent video surveillance solution provides assessment capabilities and improves situational awareness at each layer of the integrated security system. This comprehensive surveillance solution helps identify potential threats throughout a facility, including hazardous areas, as well as the perimeter and beyond. With the point integration of our video surveillance solutions, we can measure and reduce blind spots and number of physical manned guarding.

Surveillance Syste,.png

Integrated Cameras , Acces Control Solutions with live streaming and video analytics

Connect to onsite alarms, 2-way audio interfacing or alert to incident response team

Manage UPS , Digital Signage and

other AC Signal Interface

Integrating with sensors and readers that operates in the respective site.


Open Integration

Our open platform allows you to customize your video surveillance system and integrate applications for extra features.

User Friendly 

From Graphical User Interface to Inter Operatability, our solution gives our customers seamless user friendly experience.

Tailored Portfolio

Tailor made for our clients surveillance needs and requirements.

Remote Monitoring

Users can monitor and view  their surveillance feed remotely over PC or even mobile.

Cost Efficient

Optimising the cost spent on surveillance and bring the whole solution to a ideal state for our clients.

Storage Management

Surveillance video streams to be managed in cloud and optimised for analytics purposed via our storage management platforms.

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