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Secure logistics involves much more than getting goods from one location to another. With our innovative and cost efficient solutions you can rest assured that your high value commodities are safe at every point in their journey.

Once we’ve confirmed how to best address and reduce any risks, we will work with you to develop the right logistics solution for your business.


Our escort teams execute this services professionally, in private vehicles backed by a dedicated logistic network. The team delivers services to escort private VIPs vehicles and CIT armored vehicles. All escort services are managed on case to case basis to maximize best security. Many businesses and individuals are in need for security escort services using security guards and security patrol units in today's society. Our vehicles are tracked and monitored actively by our Command Center during the assignment ensuring that there is no single point of failure.







FWG's Command Center Team will be in duty to furnish the whole escort operation with important security information that will play a strong role in completing the operation successfully. Streamlining checklist, tracking GPS location and routes, monitoring the behaviors of the security & other personnel during the escort and escalating the real time updates are the main key forte of FWG's Command Center Team.




In order to ensure the security of high-value industrial goods throughout the logistics supply chain from origin to destination, you need an absolutely reliable partner. We, FWG, work along with our clients more like a partner and we also has to know how to help you out in tricky situations. At FWG Security, we offer a team of expert, 100% trustworthy security personnel, who can also carry arms on request. Thanks to our years of experience and thorough training, we are reliably able to meet agreed delivery dates, even in exceptional circumstances.



At the point of goods transfer, one of our tasks is to reconcile all shipping documents with the actual stocks and - in the case of potential deficiencies or shortfalls - start the complaint process immediately. After a secure transfer of goods, we take responsibility for accompanying the freight vehicles to their destination. During this process, our neutral escort vehicles continually send GPS data to our headquarters. Thus, we always know the location of your cash/valuables in transport and whether your goods are secure. Our job is only complete after a successful, secure delivery to the agreed recipient.

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