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FWG offers a canine security service and training provision, giving you peace of mind, upholding your reputation and providing a full range of canine protection and detection services.



In line with the increased risk of theft and security vulnerability, the demand for patrolling and explosive dogs service has increased accordingly. Dog is an efficient tool mitigate risk by sniffing out and detecting explosives. Canine service works as a part of integrated security solution to strengthen the security service quality. FWG provides well trained dogs for external patrols and explosives detection. A large number of customers are using this service, either temporary, or as a part of the permanent contract.

General purpose

patrol dogs

Narcotics Detection


Explosive Detection Dogs


Guard Dogs

Our canine trainers insist on the highest standards. All dog/handler teams, regardless of background, prior experience and qualifications, must meet the specific criteria, which exceeds the British Standards. Our training team have many years of operational deployment and training experience complemented by industry recognised teaching qualifications and corporate experience. FWG use a number of diverse and live environments locally and nationwide to provide realistic training situations such as, populated venues, transport hubs and rough terrain. This accustoms the dog to the types of environments they will be entering in to.


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